Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?

Gastric Band/Sleeve Surgery and BIB procedure costs

The costs of Gastric Band/Sleeve Surgery and BIB Procedure relate to:

  • a) Surgeon
  • b) Anaesthetist
  • c) Hospital
  • d) Ancillary charge (pharmacy, etc)
  • e) Purchase of Gastric Band/Sleeve or BIB system.

For Gastric Band/Sleeve surgery

The total out of pocket expense for surgery and anaesthetic varies on the health fund, costing from approximately $2,800. There may be increased costs with superobese patients and those who have had major previous abdominal surgery. Sleeve Surgery out of pocket expenses range from $3,300 to $3,900 depending on previous surgeries.

Intragastric Balloon BIB

Total out of pocket expense varies between health funds but is about $4,500, which covers

  • Placement and removal for surgery
  • Anaesthetic costs and the
  • Cost of the BIB System

Anaesthetic costs

See the website of Dr Greg Lumsden – Specialist Anaesthetist for more information on anaesthetic fees and charges.

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