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Revision Surgery Guide

Revisional weight loss surgery is a secondary procedure for those who have already undergone a form of weight loss surgery but require a second operation.

Although many patients achieve a very successful weight loss with one surgery, however, there are several instances where a patient might need to consider the revisional surgery.

Why patients get revisional weight loss surgery:

  • Complications after weight loss surgery
    • Acid reflux
    • Infection
  • Regaining weight
    • Revisiting bad diet habits
    • Re-eliminating exercise
  • Unsuccessful in losing weight
    • Failing to quit bad habits
    • Worsening previous bad habits
  • Lifestyle changes
    • Pregnancy
    • Emotional, financial, or physical trauma
Consultations are bulk-billed and require a referral from a GP prior to attending.

If you don't have a referral from your GP, don't worry. Contact our team and we can arrange one for you!
Dr Stephen Watson is still available for telephone consultations during the current COVID-19 situation.